The Morning Buzz

with Gregg Allen

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Sunday 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

Celebirthdays, trivia and more

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Enjoy your morning with fun trivia and more!
The Morning Buzz is hosted by Gregg Allen and has run on two other internet radio stations. The Morning Buzz is back!!
Gregg Allen has over 20 years experience broadcasting and djing. He is from Ohio and loves ALL types of music. His philosophy on radio is simple…..GIVE THE LISTENER WHAT THEY WANT. Gregg attended the Academy of Radio & Television in Phoenix, Arizona in 1992 (that location has since been closed) and graduated just short 6 months later having been taught by some of the top professionals in the Phoenix Radio Market.
Gregg is also the “Voice Of ARW” alongside #FearlessLeader Alex Red calling the #extreme action of Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling.
Gregg also serves as the website guy!

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