Darrin Morris Band

The Darrin Morris band started in October 2012, with just a few friends getting together to play at a local restaurant outside of Gilmer,Texas. The response from the owners and the customers was such that they were asked to come back and play on a monthly basis.

 Before they knew it, one gig led to another and over the last year and a half they have played all over the state and the list of new venues continues to grow. They play many of today’s country hits, some of the old country classics, a little southern rock and also throw in a growing set of originals.

 Other members include: Darrin Morris – Lead Vocals,  Jeremy Moore – drums and background vocals,  MIchael Olson – Lead Guitar ,

 Josh Smithers- Rythm Guitar , Blake Watson – Bass

Mikayla Gunn

I have been entertaining people ever since I was a little girl and ever since then, it stuck! My mom would say my favorite saying would be “watch me”.  Making my living as an actor, model, singer/songwriter is definitely a dream come true. I’m proud to have collaborated with some of the most talented writers, crew, producers, agents, managers and more in the industry. Each day, I strive to be  the best as I can. This is my passion and I’m loving every minute of it! I cant wait to see what else is in store for me!



Ciera Mackenzie

In 2013 I was taking guitar lessons and each year the music education center holds a showcase. I performed a song and was asked by Dave Wilson, the owner and producer of Black Lab Studios if I would like to record a CD, and if I had any of my own songs. I told him I had a whole notebook full. Several months later we where in the studio recording Thoughts From a Hay Bale. I had such a great time recording this CD. I couldn’t have done it without Dave Wilson, Hannah Huffine, and of course my Mom.


Armed & Ready!